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‘The Snow Witch’ by Matt Wingett


Oil on Panel 24 x 18 inch                              Emulsion on Aluminium 20cm x 15cm

Compression Series, 2017

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Woodwork Series, 2016


The Yoga Market, 2015

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Play Chance, 2015

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Commissions, 2015

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‘The Exploration of Contained Madness’ 2011-2013

This body of work explores the fragile state of our current society through expressive and abstract forms. Using varied, conflicting mark making as a metaphor for the personal struggle to determine balance between desire and logic.

A battle between system 1 and 2 of the brain; chance versus control.

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‘Society 2000’ 2011- 2013

These ink sketches are an important on going body of work which have aided in the development of future projects. Capturing the public in their everyday transient modern routines has further inspired research into what we, as a society, value.

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‘The Artifice, Part 3’ 2011

This detritus has been dipped in household emulsion to be re established as sculpture, demonstrating an ornamental quality similar to that of ceramics. This work questions the seductive nature of consumer products and the value of them within society.

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‘The Artifice, Part 2’ 2009- 2011 

These abstract landscapes are based on sections of consumerist products dipped in household paint then obscured by photography to restore value through the power of nature and painting.

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‘£2 a month’ 2007- 2008

This series of work explores society’s loss of identity and value of human emotion through an obsession with material happiness.

‘Emotional offsetting for those who have too small an emotional/
empathy footprint .The global crisis has been caused by people
 addicted to buying an emotional filler

Paul Cole (Contemporary media artist)

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‘The Artifice’, Part 1′ 2007

Varying platforms,surfaces,funnels and paints are used to create these quasi abstract landscapes.

‘Within everyday objects I am looking for some sort of escapism from reality’

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